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Our Experience and references

For our different customers:
Aubert & Duval, Eramet Research, ArcelorMittal, Industeel, Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Erasteel,
Manoir Industries...

Steel Studies, process of hot metal tapping
Dimensioning design in term of installation / capacity
Technical assistance from design to installation
Steel plant - risk analysis / safety
General installation of arc furnace and furnace peripherical equipment
Equipment setting up
Furnace upstream/downstream installation
Electric Arc Furnace / Ladle Furnace
Arc furnace , Ladle furnace, Equipment of upstream/downstream processes
Continuous caster
Fume collection
Co products strategic studies
Liquid cast iron - Vacuum processing
Liquid silicon - Vacuum metallurgy
Filters, Special valves Condensers


Our developments

Elements cooled following an original concept
Steel production
Fix furnace / EAF Lower shell
Conducting arms, electrode clamping systems
Electrodes cooling ring
Tigth cover for ladle furnace
Air tigth desslaging door (door plug)
Hot metal vacuum treatment
Treatment of liquid slag and waste
Ladle deslagging system…


Casting by racking (continuous caster)
Separating insert for Slab

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