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The revival of a flagship

CLESID was created in the Loire region and was specialized in converters, gas capture, continuous caster, electric arc furnaces, but also in processing lines and finishing lines for flat products, then disappeared in 1982 following the merger with SECIM, CLE and Delattre Levivier . On October 17, 2012 CLESID revived and made its return at 53 rue Sibert on the historic site of Saint-Chamond renamed Novaciéries. The skills of the men and women who have made CLESID were perpetuated through the companies that followed the merger. Enriched by this legacy, some are now back to continue this industrial adventure, begun in the middle of the nineteenth century. Thanks to the expertise of this core of engineers and technicians who contributed to the success of this company and to the restarting of the workshops, we have several assets. CLESID Lorber is a brand and a company of Braygaunore Group based in Luxembourg.

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Our team

Skills and Expertise

We have surrounded ourselves with a competent and highly qualified team consisting of the leading experts in the metallurgy and steel sector, the assembly and maintenance, which enables us to put our expertise and experience at the service of our customers offering them counsel, listening and turnkey solutions.

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