Eco-e AG

Our process development partner, Eco-e AG was founded in German-speaking Switzerland to realize the spirit of energy saving awareness in steel production.

It promotes ecological and economically attractive solutions for the steel industry. In search of the best solutions to save energy in various areas of steel production, starting with the biggest consumer – the electric arc furnace.

Specializing in engineering and intellectual work for finding solutions, based on many years of experience in the steel sector and bringing together the knowledge of experts in this field across the continent. His experience and knowledge focus on the economic benefit to the customer by reducing the energy involved, hence better productivity and more profit.



As with many French companies, Bpifrance supports us through its financial and non-financial mechanisms at each stage of our development for ecological and energy transition, innovation and international projects.

In doing so, Bpifrance acts in support of public policies conducted by the State and the Regions.

Bpifrance also provides, in the name and on behalf of the State, export financing.

Boosting the French economy and making it more competitive is the role of Bpifrance.



Business France supports us in our international export projects.

It prepares us and puts us in touch with business partners in the target markets to promote the creation of trade and to sustain our exports.

Business France monitors France’s image and economic attractiveness internationally.

The agency proposes and implements a strategy to promote France, its territories, companies, and talents, and leads networks of influence on the economic and international level.



The role of the CCI is to support, inform and advise companies at all stages of their development.

More broadly, they contribute to the economic influence of the territories through a vast action plan.

Permanent interlocutors of companies for all their daily or strategic concerns, the Lyon Métropole Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the spokesperson for managers, providing insight and their expertise to public authorities and institutional partners.